Raising Values: Preparedness for the Marriage
The Prepper Broadcasting NetworkJuly 07, 202401:09:1463.38 MB

Raising Values: Preparedness for the Marriage


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When Phil started the Matter of Facts Podcast eight years ago and dove head first into the world of preparedness, he followed simple mantra that one must, during periods of peace, prepare for periods of hardship. When the sun shines and the store shelves are full, that is the time to put back the extra rice and beans for hard times. When there is plenty, we must prepare for times of famine. In an afternoon spent working on the family food stock, Phil's mind wandered to something near and dear to his own heart, and he began to wonder how we can apply that to our personal lives. How do we prepare friendships, families, and marriages to weather the hard times that we all inevitably face?

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